Brian O’Malley – Adventurer & Keynote Speaker


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You're one of the finest and gifted speakers I've ever heard and I've heard a lot of them. You have perfected the art.
Joan (JT) Tezak
Executive Director / Colorado Society of Association Executives (CSAE)
In addition to the beauty of the photography and the description of the adventure, the presentation proved to be thought provoking and inspiring.
Steven M. Snyder
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical
Brian is so humble. He moves you to tears, moves you to laughter, moves you to doing something different.
Bill Benjamin
President / U.S. Bancorp
Congratulations on your well-deserved standing ovation! Your presentation rating was off the chart as you received a 5+ on a scale that only went up to 5. This is a direct reflection of the impact you had on our group.
Dave Taylor
Sr. Manager Enterprise Process / Raytheon
Brian’s presentation, The Spirit of Adventure, is awe-inspiring! His message is not only about his journey towards Everest but about your journey through life. His stories helped me reflect on my journey, my “Everest” in life. Brian connects with the audience through photography, music and story-telling, all of which captured my heart and mind. Brian makes his adventures relatable to all aspects of life.
University of Denver
Your quiet strength permeated the day. The combination of your dramatic photographs and your powerful recollections was absolutely inspirational. Your message incorporating team work, personal commitment and a sense of adventure complemented our conference perfectly.
Patrick M. Canfield
Fidelity Banks
I feel not only grateful for your great presentation and its perspective, but I also feel a sense of indebtedness for helping get our team to a place that frankly, we weren't sure how to do on our own. Your story and words were critical and simply, I can't thank you enough.
Bill Nordstrom
President / Nordstrom
Brian spoke to our top group of insurance brokers at an educational conference this month. His presentation was very motivational for attendees and extremely entertaining at the same time. Between the motivational message of picking your Mount Everest to climb, his funny anecdotes from the various occupations he's had and the amazing pictures and videos of Mt. Everest climb, I noticed all of the attendees were captivated and engaged.
Ron Laeyendecker
Senior Vice President / Great-West Financial
You were the top performer, WOW! Not only did your presentation capture everyone's imaginations, it captured their spirit, their dreams and their emotions. What an inspiring adventure, I'd love to see it again.
Jack Zinck
Manager of Business Development / General Mills
I've always been inspired by Brian's story …. a great, great story to bring to our entire team to get them to think about that personal challenge and commitment … really reinforced everything we're trying to accomplish … to get people to look at their goals. The audience just loved it—standing ovation at the end. It was just fantastic! Brian is so inspirational! The pictures and photography were beautiful. The way music is tied in. It was an excellent show and key to the success of this meeting for us.
Dave Johnson
President / Laerdal Medical
You held the group of 550 in the palm of your hand. The pictures were breathtaking and the presentation was outstanding.
Jenny M. Strbiak
Molson / Coors Company
It was simply amazing how many people told me that they were deeply moved by your presentation. I am compelled to say you are one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life.
Thomas Might
Vice President / The Washington Post
I didn't think you could top your presentation from when you joined us before but I was wrong! I have been attending our Partner Forum for nearly a decade. We have had some talented keynote presenters in that span, but there have been only TWO who have received a standing ovation … that was the first time you attended our conference and when you returned!
Jeff Lampe
Director of Marketing / Arrow Electronics