Executive Coaching

“The process you have is perfectly designed
for the results you are achieving.”

– Brian O’Malley

Businesses are facing great opportunities along with unprecedented change. With these additional responsibilities it’s critical that these organizations provide their leaders with the coaching necessary to reach their summits and to ensure their success.

Professional coaching allows individuals to take leadership theory and make it a reality. It also builds in accountability as it aligns values, behaviors and results in support of the overall mission.

Life happens

through me …

Insights Based Executive Coaching Will Transform Your Journey

  • Deepen your Understanding
  • Improve your Communications
  • Open your Mind
  • Elevate your Awareness
  • Find your Energy
  • Explore your Strengths
  • Discover your Passion
  • Increase your Influence
  • Develop your Team
  • Expand your Perspective
  • Understand your Beliefs
  • Question your Reality
  • Choose your Attitude
  • Align your Behaviors
  • Understand your Thinking
  • Define your Success
  • Challenge your Perceptions
  • Live your Values
  • Sharpen your Focus
  • Proclaim your Purpose
  • Climb your Mountain

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The coaching experience is about moving forward through awareness, choice and action. I am not your friend, boss, colleague, constituent, family member or (fill in the blank) and therein lies one of the important elements of coaching. Much of the power and magic of coaching comes from the relationship and alliance we create together. – Brian O’Malley

A principles based insights coaching model allows individuals and teams to build on an understanding how humans create their experience as well as identify the best, most productive patterns within their strengths. Once an area of strategic importance has been identified, a results oriented partnership is created that focuses on a genuine sense of well being and …

  • Peace of mind
  • Achieving goals
  • Clarity of thought
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Expanding influence
  • Focused engagement
  • Defining accountabilities
  • Capitalizing on strengths
  • Building strategic alliances
  • Exploring new perspectives
  • Improving critical thinking skills
  • Developing world-class performance
  • Increasing effective decision-making
  • Elevating emotional, situational & state of mind awareness