Customer Service at the Highest Level: Sherpa Service

The Sherpas are a tribe in Nepal known for their generous spirit, contagious laughter and gentle strength. Living in a remote corner of the world, the Sherpas have carved out a reputation for exceptional service that is respected worldwide. Yet, they have no manual, no training and no rules. What drives their excellence? It is their spirit.

What is Sherpa Customer Service?

customer service, sherpa service, adventureImagine you have just arrived in Katmandu, excited about going on an adventure of a lifetime in the Himalayan Mountains. You have planned and packed for months in preparation. As you anxiously watch everyone else on your team collect their gear at the airport, you are told your luggage is lost. Now, you feel lost. Your expedition leaves the next morning so your only option is to frantically beg, borrow and buy what little you can that night. The next day arrives but your gear does not. Reluctantly, you decide to go with the team wearing the boots and gear that don’t quite fit but that you were lucky to find. Five days, 50 miles and many blisters later, you question your choice. At dawn there is a commotion outside your tent. You get up to see the other Sherpas pointing to the horizon and you see a lone Sherpa headed towards camp. On his own initiative, Lopsong left Katmandu covering the fifty miles in two days while carrying your 120 pounds of gear plus his own pack. As he approaches camp, not only is he smiling, you can actually hear him singing. He asks with a big grin if you would like him to carry your gear for the remaining 90 miles.

You have just experienced an example of legendary Sherpa Spirit.

Sherpa Service Teaching Points:

  • Perform at a world class level
  • Build a legacy of customer care
  • Develop an inspired spirit of service
  • Create a new level of customer loyalty
  • Strengthen your leadership position
  • Improve internal customer teamwork

How can you instill Sherpa Service in your organization?

Brian O’Malley, CSP
Adventurer, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

Adventure, Attitude, Customer Service, Sherpa

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